Aim of the Course on Chronopharmacology

Chrono manChronotherapeutics is gaining increasing interest in medicine, pharmacy, drug delivery and in the use of drugs as a pharmacological tool in animal experiments. It is the intention of the Course to promote and encourage these developments by reaching out to scientists and practitioners in medicine, biology, pharmacy, molecular biology, vetenary medicine and in experimental and clinical pharmacology.

Circadian Rhythm

dummy2A biological rhythm is an adaptive phenomenon of both individuals and species relating to predictable changes in environmental factors linked to the rotation of the earth around its axis in 24 hours as well around the sun in 365 days. Circadian rhythms are endogenously driven by biological clocks found in single cells, flowers, animals and men and in which "clock genes" are expressed.


Influence of Propranolol on heart rateThe study of rhythmic, predictable-in-time differences in the effects and/or pharmacokinetics of drugs both in experimental animals and in men. It investigates the effects/side effects of drugs upon temporal changes in biological functions or symptoms of a disease as well as drug effects as a function of biologic timing.